I believe in Christianity because it makes sense to me

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I believe in Christianity because it makes sense to me

Often people look at the large number of religions in the world and use that fact to dismiss them all. Its either too hard to find the truth or it obviously that none knows or it does not matter. I can understand this because it is difficult to work out what the differences are and where the truth may lie. But it is a dangerous stance to take because what happens if one of them is right?

I say this because many religions, Christianity included, make bold claims about themselves - what will happen to those who believe and who don’t believe, what awaits us when we die, or how to live life now for our own or society’s best interests. You can’t simply ignore them and go on your own way as if it does not matter. What if one of them were right? Where would that leave you?

It leaves us with a dilemma which one is right? The problem is that not only are there lots of religions but they are almost always exclusive and contradictory. They all cannot be right!

I believe in Christianity because it makes sense to me. It makes sense of what I observe in the world about God, about creation and about humanity. It stands out from the multitude of other religions for me in three important ways:

Christianity claims to come from God not man. That is Christianity claims that it is not a philosophy that finds its source in human thinking (such as Buddhism) but is a teaching that has been handed down from God. God reveals himself to us and in so doing shows us who we are as well. Christianity is not unique in this claim but it is important note because if it does not come from God then we could not be certain we have got it right.

Where Christianity is unique though is in its claim that everything has been done for us Every other religion is about what we have to do to gain enlightenment, or Nirvana or get to heaven etc. Christianity is unique in that it states that we cannot do anything to be right with God but that he has done it all for us. Imagine that I don’t have to be good to be a Christian, I don’t have to go to church to be a Christian, I don’t have to act in a particular way to be a Christian. All has been done for me by Jesus Christ dying on the cross. All I have to do is accept this gift.

Don’t get me wrong. Christianity is has a moral living aspect to it but I live the ethical life BECAUSE I am a Christian not in ORDER TO BECOME a Christian. Show me another religion that says I don’t have to do anything!

And this leads me to the third aspect of Christianity that makes it unique - it is about relationship with God not about what we do. God is all of this for us because he loves us and wants us to turn back to him. He is more interested in having a restored relationship with us and has therefore done what he could to reconcile us to himself. This is more important to him than rituals, services, what we eat or what we do. Every aspect of Christian living is about this relationship - prayer, bible reading and church are all expressions of relationship with God. Which other religion talks about such things?

So I challenge, don’t stick your head in the sand because you think it is too hard - have a look, it may change your life!

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