How to Find Christian Spirituality in Your Everyday Life

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How to Find Christian Spirituality in Your Everyday Life

Being a spiritual person means a lot more than just going to church every Sunday. What it truly means for a Christian to be spiritual is that they need to have a personal relationship with God and they need to continually renew that bond with their creator every single day. Going to church can help to enhance the experience it's also the daily little miracles of life that surround you that will help your spirituality thrive.

You really need to be able to expect to find spirituality and what this takes is faith that there truly is a far greater power beyond any of us on this earth that is operating around you on a daily basis. Look up into the heavens and understand that your God is at work everywhere in this world of ours. Simply ask God to show you His face in the nature around you or in the face of other people as you pass them by on the street. You'd be amazed at what He might reveal to you.

Spend some alone time with God each and every day.

Take some part of your day and look to gather with him through prayer and by reading His words in the Bible. You should also make sure that you have a special place that you can spend this time with Him and make it your sanctuary so you won't be bothered by others. Turn off your cell, turn off your computer and only be concerned with what messages God has for you each day at this time.

Don't just be happy and joyful when life is going good, anyone can do that, instead, rejoice always and give thanks for the good that you have even in the midst of the hard times. A simple example would be not complaining about your dog when he does something wrong instead rejoice in the fact that you have a dog as your companion. It's when you find the joy in life in the middle of strife that you will discover true spirituality.

Christian volunteer work


Another thing you should do is to try and reach out to others who might be in need of help. Do some volunteer work in a soup kitchen, work in a hospital or a nursing home doing volunteer work. Take some time out of your busy life and listen to others who have problems and need someone to talk to.

James 1:27 says “...true religion is taking care of widows and orphans.” By helping others you will be living the Gospel.

Try to take advantage of those little interruptions in your day that might stop you from doing your chores. For instance if a friend calls you while you are working around the house and is in need of some help, you should stop what you are doing and go to their aide whenever possible. Your chores at home will always be there but the opportunity to help someone out will not. You will be eternally blessed if you put the needs of others before your own needs.

Always, no matter how hard it might be, pray for those whom you feel are your enemies. It's far easier to pray for those you love but even an evil person can do something as easy as this, pray for those they love. It's the ability to pray for those who have even done you harm that will bring you closer to God and the spirituality that He has to offer you.

Final Note: Remember it is always better to give to someone without expecting anything back in return for your favor. What matters is that you always do the right thing and grow closer to God and in your spirituality.

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